Finger foods for dementia

Finger foods for dementia

This week is Dementia Action Week, which aims to raise awareness of dementia and the issues associated with it. People with dementia may struggle to eat well for many reasons. They can experience a change in appetite, memory loss and physical changes. This can often make it harder to use cutlery, chew or swallow food.

Finger foods are a great option for people with dementia as they can be eaten easily by hand. Here are some top tips for finger foods:

  • Serve foods in bite-sized chunks. Make sure they are a suitable texture for the person’s chewing and swallowing abilities.
  • If a person with dementia struggles to sit still during meal times, try putting the food in a zip lock bag for them to carry around.
  • Encourage hand washing before and after meals for good hygiene.
  • Consider food safety, including how long food is sitting out at room temperature.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum at meal times.

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