Connecting with others this festive season

Connecting with others this festive season

The festive season can be a lonely time of the year for many older people, as many are faced with the reality of spending Christmas on their own.

Older people may face other challenges such as becoming less mobile, increased health problems and reduced independence. These challenges can make it harder to get involved in social activities.

Try to engage with the older people in your life as much as you can over the festive period (not just Christmas day!). A lot of services and activities stop or shut down at this time, which can increase the risk of people feeling socially isolated.

Think about anyone in your life who you can spread the joy to: a relative, neighbour or social acquaintance.

So what can you do to lift the spirits of an older person this festive season?

Try the following tips:
  • Encourage older people to attend a free community Christmas day lunch or another festive events in their local community- see below for details.
  • Help older people locate and become familiar with public transport in their area or connect them to community transportation services to improve independence.
  • Suggest volunteering at free community events and lunches- see below for details.
  • Ask your elderly neighbour or friend to join your Christmas day lunch celebrations.
  • Some older people may even want to host their own Christmas day ‘orphan’ lunch. Help them shop, cook or plan budget friendly meal ideas prior to the big day.

Check out these Free Christmas Day lunches and events being held around the State:

Launceston City Community Christmas - register for this free Launceston event here

Colony 47 Christmas Lunch Hobart- bookings not required

Christmas Day Community Lunch Devonport- for further information search for events in Devonport via the Salvation Army event finder

To find additional events in your local area search via the Salvation Army event finder

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