TAZREACH Needs Assessment


TAZREACH Needs Assessment

TAZREACH is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive Needs Assessment in line with the updated Rural Health Outreach Fund (RHOF) and Indigenous Australians Health Programme' (IAHP) Service Delivery Standards.

The Needs Assessment will take a community-based approach to determining need, and will examine the characteristics of Tasmanian rural communities to profile locations in Tasmania where rurality is a likely contributing factor to poor health outcomes in terms of health risk factors, rates of chronic disease and subsequent hospitalisation, and reduced access to appropriate services .

This approach will inform and complement existing TAZREACH program reviews and stakeholder engagement activities by providing important contextual information for these activities, and to facilitate engagement with communities and visiting providers.

The Needs Assessment will inform future funding allocations for all current outreach programs administered by TAZREACH, as well as the Community Health and Hospitals Program (CHHP).

  • TAZREACH Needs Assessment (2021) - coming soon