TAZREACH Supporting Information


TAZREACH Supporting Information

Health Literacy

Health literacy is the skills and knowledge of a person to access, understand and use information to make decisions and take actions about their health and healthcare, and we all have a role to play in making it easier for people to access, understand and use health information and services.

TAZREACH encourages clinicians to ensure that their clients have a good level of health literacy to improve their overall level of understanding of their health care needs. We have provided links to some resources below for clients and clinicians which may be beneficial.

ASK SHARE KNOW - Tips for talking with your health professional

Health Literacy Resources for Clinicians

The TAZREACH Health Literacy Research Resources page also provides a list of other research articles for clinicians, accessible via PubMed.

Cultural Awareness

TAZREACH funds outreach services that are socially and culturally appropriate to the needs of Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

It is recommended that all clinicians and supporting staff undertake some level of cultural awareness training for the purposes of developing sensitivity to cultural difference and cultural diversity. There are currently two options available for cultural awareness training in Tasmania.

Option 1: The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC)

The TAC have recently restarted their popular Cultural Awareness Training which is available at the TAC offices in Burnie, Hobart and Launceston. There are currently dates available for each region until the end of 2021.

For enquires please contact Dewayne at the TAC via email or phone on (03) 6234 0700.

Option 2: The Department of Health

The Department of Health offer an Aboriginal Cultural Awareness e-learning module, which is a short 30-minute, freely available resource to improve Aboriginal cultural awareness in services and organisations and was developed in partnership with Aboriginal people in Tasmania.

The module is available for community sector, government and non-government organisations. To find out more please visit the Public Health page on the Department of Health website.

Image: S. Brake (Mount Barrow, Tasmania)