How to get involved


How to get involved

Please note that funding for 2021-2022 has been fully allocated in our existing outreach programs (excluding the CHHP).

Please refer to the 'Current Vacancies / Open Expressions of Interest' section below for opportunities that may arise throughout the year.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) for outreach health services within Tasmania can be submitted at any time. Liaising closely with health professionals and members of the local community, applicant(s) will need to identify the need for specific health activities or programs through close stakeholder consultation and community needs assessment.

Funding is increasingly sought after in Tasmania. As such, all EOIs received will be evaluated in line with the Service Delivery Standards (SDS) relevant to the program that is identified as the most suitable option for the EOI. To access the SDS please visit the Outreach Funding Programs page.

TAZREACH will occasionally create an EOI specifically for the purposes of recruiting a new service provider to an existing service. These EOI's when available can be found in the 'Current Vacancies / Open Expressions of Interest section below, and will contain specific criteria that will be used when assessing applications, in addition to the programs' specific SDS.

The process of applying for funding through TAZREACH is outlined below.

Expression of Interest Process

Health service need identified

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Please consider the following when identifying a need for an outreach service:

  • What evidence is there to support the need for the proposed outreach service?
  • What current services are available in that region / community?
  • How many people need the proposed service?
  • How will referral pathways be established?
  • Where will the service be located?
  • Have you consulted with key stakeholders such as local GPs, community members, and other health professionals?
  • Is the service eligible under the programs' Service Delivery Standards? (i.e. service priorities, location etc)

Submit an Expression of Interest form

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Download the Expression of Interest form, complete, and return to the TAZREACH office. This provides basic information about the proposed service, including how the service will operate in the targeted region or community and what the need for the service is.

Complete all relevant pages of the EOI in line with the evaluation criteria.

Service Proposal is developed

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All received EOI's that can be considered for funding are used to develop a formal service proposal.

The TAZREACH office will engage with the applicant for further details while developing the service proposal.

Service Proposals are submitted to the Advisory Forum by the TAZREACH Office

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All TAZREACH Service Proposals need to be considered by the TAZREACH Advisory Forum for endorsement and/or non-endorsement. More information about the Advisory Forum and its role can be found on the TAZREACH Governance Page.

Approval can take up to several weeks once the application has been submitted.

Receive Acceptance of Offer

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If a service is approved, the TAZREACH office will let you know and send you a Service Agreement with an Acceptance of Offer.

As part of this agreement, you will need to provide copies of:

  • professional registration,
  • professional indemnity insurance,
  • police check,
  • working with children/vulnerable people check (if applicable), and
  • other supporting documentation.

Submit signed Service Agreement and supporting documentation

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It is a requirement for all service providers to undergo a conviction check as part of the TAZREACH funding process. For services provided to children and/or vulnerable people, a Working with Vulnerable People / Children Check will also be required.

Please note: Providers who deliver outreach services from a Tasmanian Health Service (THS) facility location will need to be credentialed by the THS.

The TAZREACH office does not credential health professionals, but can assist the provider in connecting with the THS credentialing committee to complete their application online.

Commence outreach service

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The TAZREACH office will liaise with service providers and service hosts to provide support and assistance where necessary. All service providers and service hosts are encouraged to contact the TAZREACH office if they have any concerns about their service.

Submit Claim Forms and Service Reports

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Claim Forms and Service Reports are submitted after each outreach service on the claim form template provided by TAZREACH with each service agreement. Timely submission of claim forms and completed service reports is a condition of your service agreement.

Payments may not be processed if claim forms are not submitted within the specified timeframes.

Annual Review of Outreach Services

The TAZREACH office conducts an annual review of all services during March and April each financial year. We collect feedback on the progression of the service and how the service is improving health outcomes of Tasmanians.

Information gathered through the annual review may be used to inform the planning of services for the next financial year (pending funding availability).

Current Vacancies / Open Expressions of Interest

There are currently no vacancies or open expressions of interest for existing outreach services in Tasmania.

If you would like to submit an EOI for future consideration, please use the general Expressions of Interest form.