Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners are employed in the public and private sectors in Tasmania in a wide variety of roles.

For information about the Nurse Practitioner role please contact the Office of the Chief Nurse and Midwife on (03) 6166 1570.

Nurse Practitioner Prescribing in Tasmania

The NMBA Safety and quality guidelines for nurse practitioners, (2016, p.4) states that a Nurse Practitioner must comply with the drug and poisons legislation of the State or Territory in which they practice.

In Tasmania, the  Poisons Act 1971 states that a Nurse Practitioner must be authorised to prescribe. A Nurse Practitioner may only prescribe if they hold an authorisation issued by the Chief Pharmacist and the authorisation has not expired.   The authorisation is issued for the Nurse Practitioner’s scope of practice.

The Authorisation to Prescribe Scheduled Substances Guideline have been develop to support NPs to prescribe in both private and public sectors. The Guideline contains comprehensive information regarding prescribing responsibilities, the authorisation process and application form.

The Guideline is available on the Pharmaceutical Services Branch internet site.

If you have any queries regarding the application form or questions about prescribing practice please contact Pharmaceutical Services Branch on (03) 6166 0400 or via email at