Area of Need Declaration

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The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (Tasmania) Act 2010 allows limited registration to be granted to enable a health professional to practice in an Area of Need.

It also prescribes that the determination of an Area of Need resides with the responsible Minister and the Minister may delegate this power.

The Chief Medical Officer, Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director, General Practice and Primary Care carry ministerial delegations for Area of Need declarations under section 67 (5) of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (Tasmania).

The Area of Need Declaration Policy provides the process that health services wishing to apply for an Area of Need Declaration must follow; principles that underpin the declaration of an Area of Need in Tasmania, and criteria against which all Area of Need applications are assessed by the Minister or their delegate.

The process of granting an Area of Need Declaration will be managed in line with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness ensuring high ethical standards are maintained.

Applications will only be considered via the formally documented process and assessed against published criteria as detailed in the Area of Need Assessment Protocol.

For further information please contact:

General Practitioner: General Practice and Primary Care at or call (03) 6777 4291.

Specialist: The Office of the Chief Medical Officer at or call (03) 6166 0410.

Area of Need Declaration listings for GPs and Specialists

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District of Workforce Shortage

Area of Need Declarations for general practitioner and rural placements are closely linked with District of Workforce Shortage Declarations (DWS Declarations).

DWS Declarations are determined by the Department of Health and Ageing and are linked to the provision of Medicare Provider Numbers.

Further information and a listing of DWS locations can be found on the Doctor Connect website

Area of Need links

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