Tasmanian Rural Medical Generalist Program Newsletter - Edition 7

In this Edition:

Tasmanian Rural Health Conference - Committed to Rural Communities 25-26 March, 2017

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Opening by the Tasmanian Minister for Health, Mr Michael Ferguson

Short talks by Tasmanian rural GPs and trainees on why they are 'Committed to Rural Communities'

Rural Health Leadership Panel, chaired by Professor Richard Hays and includes:

  • Dr Bastian Siedel - rural Tasmanian GP and RACGP President
  • Dr Ruth Stewart - rural GP Obstetrician and ACRRM President
  • Dr Ewen McPhee - rural GP Obstetrician and RDAA President
  • Dr Jane Cooper - rural Tasmanian GP and RACGP GP of the Year
Practical ED Workshop:
  • Arrhythmias
  • Airways
  • Hypothermia and wilderness medicine
  • US guided IV and IO access
Eye Workshop:
  • Top 4 eye conditions: cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, AMD - What the GP needs to know
  • The Acute Red Eye - management in GP. How to assess and when to refer
  • Acute loss of vision and eye emergencies
  • Eyelid malposition and lumps and bumps

There will be Palliative Care, Pain Management, RUSTICA Skills, navigating GP Training Pathways and more!

Director - Rural Pathways news

I'd like to start 2017 by welcoming the new additions to the Tasmanian Rural Medical Generalist Pathway.

Whether you are a new rural medical student or RUSTICA member, a TRMGP RMO located on the NW cost, doing an RMO rotation in Scottsdale, starting your first GP term in a rural area, or furthering your skills and services in our rural communities - we are glad to meet you!

2017 has had a busy start.

Nationally, legislative progress has been made towards the appointment of a Rural Health Commissioner.

Locally, we are preparing for the inaugural Tasmanian Rural Health Conference 2017 - 'Committed to Rural Communities' being run by the Rural Doctors Association of Tasmania (RDAT) with the support of our Rural Medical Generalist Coordinating Council.

We have SOLD OUT of student positions. Get your registrations in so you don't miss out.

This week, 10 rural doctors are also completing the APLS in Launceston with support from the TRMGP.

We are looking to enact a formal enrolment process for TRMGP, in order to better evaluate the pathway, and enable participants to access the AGPT extension of training time provision for those training to be a Tasmanian Rural Medical Generalist. Please talk to the medical educators at General Practice Training Tasmania about your learning plan if this may affect your training.

Pre-Conference Workshops:

Women's Health Workshop - Friday 24 March, 2017 at GPTT

Program includes:

Endometriosis - Dr Kim Dobromilski

Infertility & IVF - Dr Irena Nikakis

Antenatal Care update - TBC

Cervical Cancer Screening & MTOP - Dr Jan Radford

Premature Labour and Risks in Rural Obstetrics - Dr Dennis Pashen

Women's Health Workshop - Registrations

Dealing with Distress: A Practical Workshop for GPs by GPs - Friday 24 March, 2017

Program includes practical ways to support people in crisis, improving wellbeing and self management, what helps when people are feeling suicidal, and how to look after yourself doing mental health work.

Dealing with Distress - A Practical Workshop for GPs by GP's Flyer

Welcome to the Rural Medical Students!

We've spotted a few of you in the local media in the last month.

Newstead College Student awarded Vice Chancellors Scholarship

The Rural Application Process has been a success in its second year, increasing the number of Tasmanian students retained in the state for the second year in a row.

A local rural welcome BBQ was held in each clinical school region in January.

Meet and Greet of Medicine Students

RCS Students Published in AFP

Check out 'Young people have their say: What makes a youth-friendly general practice?' published by RCS students, staff and supervisor Dr Jane Cooper, Don Medical - who is the current State and National RACGP GP of the Year and a rural generalist doctor with a FARGP in Adolescent Health. Jane will be on the Rural Health Leadership Panel at the Tasmanian Rural Health Conference.

TRMGP RMOs have started on the NW Coast

Congratulations to Drs Moe Thu, Mohammed Al-Zubaidi and Naing Win on being selected for the dedicated TRMGP RMO rotations. They'll be doing a variety of jobs on the NW coast, including O&G, Critical Care, ED, Paediatrics, Medicine, and Psychiatry. All important experiences for futures as rural GPs.

GPTT Registrars commence - First Day Meet Dr David Gillespie

On 30 January, the new GPTT registrars commenced their orientation and were greeted by Federal Assistant Health Minister Dr David Gillespie announcing selection for Australian General Practice Training will be administered by the RACGP and ACRRM.

If you plan on applying for GP training this year, applications are due to open in April, 2017. Keep an eye on the AGPT website.

GPs with Fellowships recognised as Specialists in the SMPA by THS

The THS have confirmed that GPs holding a recognised fellowship in service positions in the THS should be paid at a specialist rate as per the Salaried Medical Practitioners Agreement. If you are a GP with Fellowship, but are in a training position, you may be paid at the rate of the training position.

The Agreements are currently being renegotiated by the AMA with support from RDAT. If you want to have your say - get in touch with your chosen association.


18 March HR Plus 'Go Rural', Derby for medical students
24 March Women's Health Workshop at GPTT
24 March Dealing with Distress at RACGP
25-26 March Tasmanian Rural Health Conference, Hobart
26-29 April 14th National Rural Health Conference, Cairns
29 April – 2 May WONCA 14th World Rural Health Conference, Cairns
12-14 May > HR Plus Emergency Skills Program CPD Weekend, Mersey Community Hospital, Latrobe 

If you'd like to help sponsor scholarships to International Students to WONCA, please visit www.gofundme.com/WONCACairnsStudentFunding

Send your events to Sharee.Taylor@utas.edu.au to be included in our next newsletter

For further information, please contact Dr Allison Turnock, Director - Rural Pathways

E: allison.turnock@dhhs.tas.gov.au

Ph: 0417 684 415