Tasmanian Rural Medical Generalist Program - Newsletter Edition 10

SAVE THE DATE: Tasmanian Rural Health Conference 2018

'Resilience in Rural Communities'

To be held at the LGH & NICS, Launceston on March 24-25, 2018

Rural Emergency Skills Training Course @ NICS March 22-23, 2018

In this edition:

Director - Rural Pathways News

I recently attended the Oatlands Trauma Weekend with the Launceston Clinical School 5th year students who were all talking about their upcoming intern interviews. I have subsequently heard that there were a number of intern applicants who explicitly enquired about rural generalist positions in Tasmania during their interviews, and that colleagues were also asking about rural hospital specialty training too. This is demonstrative of the increasing interest in rural practice and generalist medicine across the state. We wish everyone all the best with their applications.

Please note that RMO applications are OPEN until June 30, with dedicated Tasmanian Rural Medical Generalist Pathway RMO positions on the NW coast.

Remember, all GP trainees will get their general medicine, general surgery and ED experience as an intern. As an RMO you also need to get the following, depending on the college you intend to train with:

ACRRM - paediatrics, O&G, anaesthetics

RACGP - paediatrics and a total of 7 different rotations

There are equivalents for hard-to-get rotations. If you need a hand navigating the pathway to becoming a rural GP, please get in contact with me at allison.turnock@dhhs.tas.gov.au

Registrars, if you are considering advanced skills training in 2018, don't forget to apply for those palliative care, anaesthetics, ED, polar medicine, O&G, paediatric and other posts now. If it is a new post remember it will need accrediting through GPTT, so please keep your medical educator involved.

RVTS applications are also now OPEN until June 30. If you are training in a remote location or Aboriginal Medical Service, this might be the training option for you.

The National Rural Health Commissioner legislation is now through the Senate, and should go to the House of Representatives in the near future. This position will be responsible for advising on a National Rural Generalist Pathway. Stay tuned for what this could mean for your future training!

Rural Medical Generalist Coordinating Council EOI

The RMGCC are looking for a rural GP Registrar representative. Your role would be to provide the views of GP Registrars on the Tasmanian Rural Medical Generalist Pathway. You will be reimbursed for the time you attend meetings. The RMGCC meet approximately 3 times a year by teleconference, and once face-to-face. EOI should be sent to Nurman Noor, RLO Nurman.Noor@gptt.com.au

Hospital Avoidance - COPD

It's winter and prime time for COPD exacerbations. Are your patients familiar with the CHAT signs of an exacerbation so they can seek early assessment and management?

Coughing more than usual

Harder to breathe than usual

Any change in sputum

Tired more than usual

Find more resources at the Lung Foundation

Healthy Kids for Professionals

Childhood obesity and overweight is common in Australia and even more so in rural areas. Healthy Kids for Professionals is a website of weight management resources for health professionals, including online learning modules, videos and resources.

Healthy Kids for Professionals

ACRRM Academic Posts

For ACRRM Registrars on the AGPT program, 5 posts at 0.5FTE are available for 2018 as part of Advanced Specialist Training in Academic Practice, Population Health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health or Remote Medicine. Applications open 29 May-14 July, 2017.

Check out MJA Article

Hudson, J. Weston, K. and Farmer, E. 'Changes in medical education to help physicians meet future health care needs. Generalist training may be a solution for responding to future population health needs.' Med J Aust 2017;206(9): 378-379.

Changes in medical education to help physicians meet future health care needs


The new Tasmanian Rural Medical Generalist Pathway calendar is LIVE!

Feedback suggested you wanted one place to go to find Tasmanian events, so we have collated them!

Email sharee.taylor@dhhs.tas.gov.au to have your event included in the calendar

June 30 - July 2Early Management of Severe Trauma (EMST), Hobart
July 1UTAS Short Course Program: Intercostal Catheter Insertion Workshop, Hobart
July 7UTAS Short Course Program: Regional Anaesthesia Workshop, Hobart
July 8-9UTAS Short Course Program: Assessment and Management of Acute Appendicitis Workshop
July 22-23ASPM: Focused Psychological Strategies Skills Training (Level 2), Hobart
July 22-29UTAS Short Course Program: Expedition Medicine Course (Winter)
July 28UTAS Short Course Program: Assessment & Management of Hand & Wrist Injuries, Hobart
July 29Tasmanian Health Conference, Hobart