Tasmanian Rural Medical Generalist Pathway Newsletter - Edition 1

In this Edition:

Director - Rural Pathways news

Hello. My name is Dr Allison Turnock.

I have recently commenced in the role of Director - Rural Pathways.

I am a Tasmanian trained GP, with a background in medical education in both Tasmania and Far North Queensland.

In recent weeks I have been meeting many of you in Burnie, Launceston and Hobart. I hope to meet more of you in the coming weeks.

We recently had our first Rural Medical Generalist Coordinating Council (RMGCC) meeting at the North West Regional Hospital where we created a work plan for the year including:

  • Education about the Tasmanian Rural medical Generalist Pathway
  • Promoting the need for hospital experience for future General Practitioners
  • Negotiating end point jobs and industrial relations matters for Fellowed GPs working in both the community and hospital setting

For further information on the TRMGP please feel free to contact me at allison.turnock@dhhs.tas.gov.au

Hello! My name is...

'Hello! My name is...' is a campaign to encourage and remind health care staff about the importance of introductions in health care. Commenced in the UK by Dr Kate Granger. For more information please visit www.hellomynameis.org.uk

Seeking Registrar Representative

The RMGCC are currently seeking a GP Registrar participating in the TRMGP to fill the position of RMGCC Registrar Representative.

This is a governance role which includes attendance at meetings, usually by teleconference or video conference, and occasionally face to face.

The Rural Medical Generalist Pathway Coordinating Council thanks Dr Brian Treanor for his contribution as the Registrar Representative.

Please contact Allison for more information at allison.turnock@dhhs.tas.gov.au

UTAS Rural Application Process

In 2016, the Rural Application Process was introduced to support students from rural areas to study medicine.

This has resulted in 51 RAP enrolments! Over 50% of the intake.

Introductory BBQs were held for rural students in the NW, North and South. A rural orientation for participants included tours of the School of Medicine and Hobart, and participation in a first aid course.

GPTT welcomes 32 new Registrars

The first week of February saw GPTT orientate 32 registrars to their General Practice training. Registrars will be moving to practices statewide, including 5 in the North West, 10 in the North and 17 in the South.

Tasmania's new GPs on a learning curve as formal training begins


If you are a Tasmanian Rural medical Generalist Practitioner (or aspire to be one) and would be happy to have your profile included in a future newsletter to inspire future TRMGP participants, and educate people on what you do; please contact Allison at allison.turnock@dhhs.tas.gov.au

Rural Hospitals in Tasmania

Rural Medical Generalist Practitioners often work in both the community and hospital setting. Outside our major hospitals, you may not be aware that there are 18 Rural Hospitals with inpatient facilities in Tasmania, including:

North West:

  • Queenstown
  • King Island
  • Smithton


  • Beaconsfield MPS
  • Campbell Town MPS
  • Deloraine
  • Flinders Island
  • George Town
  • NESMH Scottsdale
  • St Helens
  • St Marys
  • Toosey, Longford


  • Midlands MPC
  • New Norfolk
  • Esperance MPC
  • Huon Eldercare
  • Tasman MPS
  • May Shaw, Swansea

For Further information, please contact Dr Allison Turnock, Director - Rural Pathways

E: allison.turnock@dhhs.tas.gov.au

Ph: 0417 684 415