Primary Health

Children at OatlandsPrimary Health - THS - South

THS-South provides comprehensive primary health care, covering a wide range of services within multidisciplinary teams. Primary Health Services in southern Tasmania cover our rural hospitals, multi-purpose health centres and community health centres. These services can be found in urban, rural and remote island settings and are supported by modern  Telehealth facilities.  Each service has a strong community focus and something unique to offer. With bustling metropolitan centres or amazing rural sites such as beautiful Bruny Island and Triabunna or the thriving creative and food community of Oatlands.

Our primary health services also include: aged care assessment teams, community therapy services, community nursing, community rehabilitation, continence service, health promotion, home help and home maintenance/lifting, palliative care and youth health.

We offer a great worklife balance and opportunities to enjoy the benefits of living in Southern Tasmania. Employment opportunities can be permanent, fixed term or relief. Contact us to find out more

There are many positive actions underway across THS-South to make a difference to our people and communities. These include activities aimed at reducing energy consumption and/or greenhouse gas. Our new Bruny Island Health Centre is designed to be the first zero energy building constructed in Tasmania by the Department of Health and Human Services. Passive solar design features, including building orientation and energy-efficient external fabric and glazing, ensure the building will be very energy efficient at the outset. Coupled with a 10kW wind turbine, 1.5kW photovoltaic solar array, evacuated tube solar hot water and energy-efficient lighting, the new centre is set to be the most energy efficient building in the Department of Health property portfolio.