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Winter Wellness

Prepare, plan and protect this winter.

The cooler months bring colds, the flu, COVID-19 and other illnesses.
That’s why being prepared is the best way to protect yourself and your family.

Prepare, plan and protect


Be prepared by being up to date with your flu and COVID-19 vaccinations – they’ll boost your immunity against the flu and COVID-19 if you get sick.

All adults can get a 2023 COVID booster if it's been 6 months since their last vaccine or infection, and everyone over 6 months should get the flu vaccine.

You can get your flu and COVID-19 vaccines in the same appointment.

Flu and COVID-19 vaccines are available through your GP, some local pharmacies and Council clinics. Contact your GP or local pharmacy to make an appointment or book an appointment online using healthdirect’s Service Finder.


Antiviral medication is recommended for some people who test positive to COVID-19 or flu. You need to begin taking antivirals as soon as you can after your symptoms start.

Before you get sick and if you’re at higher risk of becoming very sick from COVID-19 or the flu, make a plan with your healthcare provider for how you will access testing to see if you have COVID-19 or flu, and how you will access antiviral medication if you test positive.


Protect yourself and others by remembering to wash your hands, cover your coughs and sneezes, and stay at home if you’re unwell.

Below are some links to more information to help you Prepare, Plan and Protect.

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