Local Government

Local Government Partnerships are aimed at encouraging local input to community and economic development and promoting shared responsibilities for better targeted service delivery.

The Local Government Partnership Program was initiated by former Premier, Jim Bacon, and is administered by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Local Government Division. The relationship with Local Government is a key priority of the Tasmanian Government.

The Partnership Agreements demonstrate the mutual benefits that can arise when Local Government and the State Government work well together. They have also allowed local government understand more clearly how it can contribute to health and wellbeing through collaborative arrangements with the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Department contributes to a number of Partnership Agreements. The Department is involved in numerous health and human services related activities through these Agreements. Issues arising are diverse, ranging from ageing and health care service delivery to youth initiatives.

The Department is also involved in the Premier's Local Government Council. The Council is a high-level forum for discussions between the State and Local Government on issues of statewide significance. It was established in 2000 and meets four times a year to discuss topical and continuing issues.  The Premier chairs the Council.

Key projects include:

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