Keep Connected

Key Contacts Resource Sheet

Purpose of the resource sheet

The purpose of the Keep Connected resource sheet is to provide information which ENABLES YOU to:

  • find out what is happening across the South in your particular area of interest/employment
  • link easily into events of interest for your organisation or clients
  • easily and effectively promote your activities
  • increase your opportunities to meet with organisations and individuals who may be interested in forming partnerships
  • contact with opportunities to improve your knowledge and practice

The Resource sheet will provide the following KEY:

  • Contact details for networks meeting around your area of interest
  • Contact details for organisation that run events that may be of interest for your clients so that you can be placed on mailing lists.
  • Contact details for organisations or individuals that publish newsletters that may be willing to promote your events
  • Website addresses to assist with research or keeping in touch with new developments in your area of interest.

Keep Connected resource sheets will be available for the following topics:

Healthy Ageing, Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, Arts+Health, Disability, Health Promotion Networking Meetings, Training and Education, Housing, Men’s Health, Mental Health, Migrant Health, Nutrition, Parenting, Peer Education, Physical Activity, Sexual Health, Social Justice, Women’s Health, Tobacco Alcohol and Other Drugs,

If you have any information that could be included in a Keep Connected resource sheet please contact Jacquie Maginnis contact details below.

Keep Connected” Resource sheets are available from Health Promotion Coordinators, jacquie maginnis ph 62 227658 email and Women’s Health South.

Keep Connected is a partnership between Aged Rural Community Health (ARCH) Health Promotion Coordinator South District and Women’s Health South.