Governance – Who Does What

Tasmanian Health Organisations (THOs)

THOs are the name being given the Local Hospital Networks.

They will be Independent, local organisations that will be responsible for providing public hospital services.

State Government

System managers for areas including: policy, purchasing and performance monitoring.

Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

Responsible for establishing an efficient price for services provided by hospitals.

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

In charge of leading and coordinating health care improvements in safety and quality for Australia.

National Performance Authority

Providing transparent information about the performance of the health system at national, state and local levels.

Medicare Locals

Primary healthcare organisations that are independent legal entities with strong links to local communities, health professionals and service providers.

Independent National Funding Body & Funding Pool

Responsible for providing transparency for hospital funding flows through the establishment of a single national funding pool for public hospitals and a national funding body to administer the funds.

Lead Clinicians Group

To assist in promoting evidence based clinical practices and standards, safety and quality improvements and more effective care processes.