DHHS Corporate Plan

The DHHS Corporate Plan 2016-18 sets out the strategic direction for DHHS over the next two years.

It provides an overview of the major priorities and actions DHHS will take to support the Tasmanian Government’s Plan for a Brighter Future: Agenda 2016; as well as a common vision, principles and strategies to guide all parts of DHHS as one agency.

This plan is one part of an annual cycle that incorporates all Group and Business Unit planning processes. The day-to-day business of DHHS is spelt out in these plans and strategies.

It has been approved by the Departmental Executive. In addition to having ownership over the whole plan, the Departmental Executive will champion and provide leadership for individual strategic priorities.

The Departmental Executive publishes a quarterly performance report (see below) on the major priorities and actions outlined in this corporate plan.

The corporate plan was reviewed and updated in September 2017 to ensure it remains aligned with the directions and priorities set by Government in 2017-18.


Quarterly Performance Reports