Anticipatory Care Project

Anticipatory care is a population approach to health care.  It identifies and supports people who are at risk of developing chronic conditions with the aim of preventing or slowing down ill-health.

In Tasmania, the number of people with chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, stroke and asthma continues to increase. The Anticipatory Care Project aims to improve the prevention and management of chronic conditions.

What is the Anticipatory Care Project?

The Tasmanian Government has provided funding to four Tasmanian communities to try out new ways of delivering anticipatory care with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of their communities. The four Tasmanian communities involved are:

  • Ulverstone – led by the Patrick Street Clinic
  • Flinders Island – led by Flinders Island Aboriginal Association (FIAAI) together with the Flinders Island Health Co-ordination Group
  • Northern suburbs of Launceston – led by Starting Point Neighbourhood House and the Northern Suburbs Community Centre
  • Clarence – led by Clarence City Council

Action and Research

This is an action research project to learn from local communities about the different ways anticipatory care is happening; what is working well and why, and what can be improved and further developed.

The University of Tasmania, the Sax Institute and the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre have been engaged to lead and support the action research.

Local project officers in each community are consulting widely with community members. Through the consultations and information gathering we want to hear your ideas and for you to be involved in improving the health and wellbeing of your community.


For more information contact:

Flora Dean
Principal Project Officer, Anticipatory Care
Phone:  (03) 6777 7276

This project is funded by the Australian Government through the National Partnership Agreement on Improving Health Services in Tasmania

Our community partners >>

Community Partner Website and / or Facebook page

Our Community, Our Care
Northern Suburbs Launceston

Our Community, Our Care Facebook page

our health our future, Flinders Island

our health our future Facebook page

our health our future

Help to Health, Clarence City Council

Help to Help Project

Patrick Street Clinic
Connecting Care: a GP led health initiative for Ulverstone

Patrick Street Clinic

Our research partners >>

Our Research Partner Website and / or Facebook page

University of Tasmania
Institute for the Study of Social Change

University of Tasmania - chronic disease

The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre
Systems and solutions for better health

The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre

The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre - anticipatory care projects in Tasmania

Sax Institute
Supporting smart decisions. Powered by research.

Sax Institute

Final Anticipatory Care Project reports >>

  1. UTAS Executive Summary
  2. UTAS Final Report
  3. UTAS Full Report
  4. Sax Institute ACP Evaluation Final Report

Please contact Dr Susan Banks ( if you require an accessible version of the information contained in these reports.