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The Tasmanian Government has the goal of making Tasmania the healthiest population in Australia by 2025.

This is an ambitious target, since Tasmanians currently experience some of the worst population health outcomes in the country, with high rates of chronic disease and health risk factors like smoking, obesity, poor nutrition, low physical activity levels, and risky alcohol consumption.

Getting a good start to life in developing healthy habits early is critical for a healthy adulthood and healthy ageing. Keeping ourselves healthier for longer and managing our risk of chronic disease is an important part of living happy, productive and fulfilled lives.

The Healthy Tasmania Five Year Strategic Plan aims to give Tasmanians and their communities the information and tools they need to make positive and healthy changes to their lives.

The plan aims to help people become more aware, interested, engaged and more in control of their own health and wellbeing. It fosters community connectedness by bringing people together to support each other toward better health.

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