Our Organisation

The Department of Health improves, promotes, protects and maintains the health, safety and wellbeing of Tasmanians through service planning, managing, procuring and delivering high quality health services.

This covers the range of essential public services delivered by operational Groups:

  • Ambulance Tasmania provides integrated, high quality, pre-hospital emergency and medical care, health transport and medical retrieval services to the Tasmanian community.
  • Public Health Services works to improve and protect the health and wellbeing of all Tasmanians by working in partnership with individuals, groups and communities.

It also includes the vital corporate support services provided by departmental Groups:

  • Corporate Services manages the delivery of an efficient and effective statewide health and human services system by leading the provision of strategic corporate, policy and regulatory services.
  • Planning, Purchasing and Performance performs the core system management functions of strategy and planning, purchasing, performance management, monitoring, reporting and analysis.
  • Office of the Secretary provides high level public administration, parliamentary and corporate governance support and advice to DoH, the Secretary and Portfolio Minister.

Together these functions provide:

  • portfolio advice to the Minister for Health
  • public services to clients and the community
  • strategic leadership and direction to service delivery areas
  • corporate support services to service delivery areas
  • a framework of policies, processes, procedures and controls to assure the Government and the community that the objectives of the health system are being met.