Launceston General Hospital Masterplan 2019

The Launceston General Hospital (LGH) is a crucial element of Tasmania’s health system, providing clinical services to residents in its immediate catchment area of the Upper Midlands, North and North East. It is also the regional referral centre and provides secondary and tertiary level services and treatment for residents of the Central Coast, North West and upper West Coast regions. The LGH provides acute care, including emergency, intensive care and in-patient services; maternity services; outpatient clinics; and community and sub-acute services. Community and outpatient services include allied health, nursing, health promotion, home care, and palliative and aged care services. These are provided from community health centres and rural facilities, as well as the LGH, including the Northern Integrated Care Service.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to ensuring that the LGH health infrastructure supports the best outcomes for our community and has committed to delivering more than $87 million in new capital works projects for the LGH precinct.

The funding will enable major redevelopment and expansion of the LGH, including improvements across our medical, surgical, maternity, obstetric, paediatric and mental health units. These improvements will be in addition to other redevelopment projects already underway on the LGH campus including the Women’s and Children’s Services expansion on Charles Street and the car park expansion.

The program of upgrade works will be subject to consultation with the community, staff and stakeholders and is expected to include:

  • Refurbishment of existing wards, and the development of new single rooms
  • Expansion of existing blocks to accommodate additional beds
  • Contemporary mental health facilities

Planning for these upgrades will be informed by models of care, population characteristics, health facility guidelines and standards, and advances in building engineering and services.


Over coming months, we will work with the community, staff and service providers to develop a Masterplan for the LGH and surrounds to guide how the redevelopment funding will be spent. The Masterplan will be completed in May 2020 and will recommend a preferred development strategy to support the LGH to deliver its services in the most effective and efficient manner. It will consider the services to be provided, demographics, future trends, existing facilities, capital and recurrent costs, best value and the return on capital investment.

Public submissions now open

We would like to hear your views on what is needed at the LGH to meet community needs and how the site should be developed over time.

Your feedback will be used by expert service and facility planners to develop options for potential future capital investment and to guide how services are delivered into the future.

We are interested in hearing from you about patient and visitor amenities, including ease of access within the hospital and precinct, access to parking and transport.

We are also interested in your views about clinical services in Northern Tasmania, for example:

  • What are the key clinical issues that you believe the redevelopment should address?
  • What clinical service areas do you think should have first priority for expansion or development?
  • What services are currently difficult to access, what could be done to improve access?
  • What clinical services could be better provided in people’s homes or community health centres, rather than in hospital?
  • What clinical services should be provided by the LGH for residents of the North West region?
  • What clinical services should be provided in the small district hospitals that are part of the LGH catchment area (i.e. those located in townships such as Deloraine, Scottsdale and Campbell Town)?
  • How could services be provided in a way that focuses more on patients and their individual health journey?
  • How could the redevelopment support patients better as they move between different care settings?
  • In what ways could the redevelopment further support partnerships between the LGH and other important parts of the local health care system (i.e. general practitioners, private health care providers, community-based health services.)
  • In what ways could the redevelopment further support health research, education and training in Tasmania?
  • How could technology be included in the redevelopment to i) improve communication between care providers and ii) improve timely access to care for people regardless of where they live in the North or North West of Tasmania?

Please let us know your views about the future of the LGH by sending us an email or letter.  You may choose to answer some or all of the questions above, or you may choose to send us your ideas or feedback on other issues not mentioned.

Your feedback should reach us by 5.00pm Friday 14 February 2020 and can be sent by email to or by post to:

Strategy and Planning Unit
GPO Box 125