Cultural Change Checklist

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Checklist: Cultural change

What are we already doing that works in health promoting ways? Are there opportunities we can expand on?

Do we know where to access information, tools, resources and support for health promotion practice and to help reflect on current practice?

How can we encourage our colleagues to share the responsibility for health promotion?

How can we encourage our managers to share the responsibility for health promotion and support our efforts?

Is health promotion recognised in policy and practice within our service or sector?

Are resources, including time, infrastructure and personnel, available to implement health promotion activity? If not, do these need to be created or should different interventions, objectives and even program goals be planned and implemented?

Do we disseminate the findings of effective health promotion practice to our colleagues to showcase the benefits of working in health promoting ways?

Do we need further skill development in ways to integrate health promotion principles into our practice? How can we do this?

Further information

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