Red Cross Emergency Home Alarms

Red Cross Emergency Home Alarms

The Red Cross Emergency Home Alarm Service provides a Statewide 24 hour emergency Home Alarm Service, to assist 'at risk' people to remain in their own home.

There are two components of the Emergency Home Alarm Service:

  1. The Emergency Pendant; and
  2. The Personal Emergency Telephone.

The person wears the emergency pendant and in the case of an emergency, pressing it activates the person's phone, which then contacts the monitoring centre on their behalf. It will work anywhere in the home or in a normal size garden.

The personal emergency telephone is a telephone and radio receiver in one and it is plugged into the back of the person's telephone.

When a signal is received from the pendant, the phone dials a special telephone number linked to a computer at the control room and activates an alarm. The controller then rings the client and if there is no answer contacts the nominated contacts and/or ambulance service.

How to contact us or make a booking

Enquiries relating to the service should be directed to:
Telephone (03) 6235 6024
Postal address:
The Manager - Emergency Home Alarm Service

Service Eligibility

The Emergency Home Alarm Service is available to people who are elderly or who have disabilities and their carers.