Wilfred Lopes Centre

Wilfred Lopes Centre

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Contact the Wilfred Lopes Centre

Phone 03 6166 0502

PO Box 125
Lindisfarne TAS 7015

For details about how to arrange a visit go to Wilfred Lopes Centre Visitor Information

About the Wilfred Lopes Centre

The Wilfred Lopes Centre (WLC) is a specialist secure mental health facility located in Risdon Vale, Hobart. The Centre is located near Risdon Prison, however is not part of the prison.

We provide care and treatment for people with mental health issues who are involved with the criminal justice system.

The Centre provides up to 35 beds and includes high dependency, extended care and semi-independent living.

We provide care for people who require specialist mental health inpatient treatment, and;

  • are inmates of the Tasmanian Prison Service.
  • are appearing in, or remanded from, Magistrate and Supreme Courts.
  • are found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity or Unfit to Plead and placed on a Forensic Order.
  • may require specialist care due to risk to themselves or others.

All care is provided in line with the Tasmanian Mental Health Act 2013, which  includes Your Rights as a Forensic Patient

Our team

The Wilfred Lopes Centre is staffed by:

  • specialist nurses
  • psychiatrists
  • psychologists
  • a social worker
  • an occupational therapist
  • support staff.

The treating team for each person who is provided care regularly discuss their care with them during their stay at Wilfred Lopes. Meetings include family, carer or support people when possible.


For full details go to Wilfred Lopes Centre Visitor Information

Visitors to the Centre are required to make an appointment.

First time visitors need to contact us with at least one week notice.

Daily visiting hours are:

  • 9.00 am to 11.30 am
  • 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm

There is a strict process to follow for entry to the Centre. Go to Visitor Information or contact us for full details.

Care at WLC

Care and treatment is provided in a modern therapeutic setting that supports independence and dignity.

We provide high quality mental health treatment and care with levels of security that match the assessed level of risk.

Our facility and programs are designed to reduce risk to the individual and to others.

The Safewards program is used to support clients, including family and carers, and staff to work together to make the Centre safer for everyone. Please ask us for more details about Safewards.

Care is based on rehabilitation programs tailored to the individual. Working together with you they focus on improved personal function and aim to lessen the ill effects of long-term care.

Your treatment plan will aim to improve quality of life and address the need for personal and social interaction while in this setting.

We will also promote appropriate involvement in the prison community and/or the broader community to prevent isolation and assist in your return to community living.


The Mental Health Tribunal oversees discharge from the Wilfred Lopes Centre in line with Tasmanian legislation.

All discharge plans are discussed with you and others as required. Discharge is planned to be gradual based on clinical improvement and reduced risk for you and for others.


Security provisions at the Wilfred Lopes Centre are based on best practice for secure mental health units.
We do not have correctional officers.

Security is maintained for our clients and visitors through:

  • highly specialised training of all staff and best practice policies and procedures
  • thorough risk assessments and case management of each client
  • effective diversional therapy
  • carefully designed buildings and security features