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Vancomycin resistant enterococci surveillance Report, 2014 to 2019

Vancomycin resistant enterococci surveillance Report, 2014 to 2019 (accessible)

SAB Surveillance 2010-2018 (accessible)

Surveillance Report No 40 (accessible)

When patients and clients attend hospitals, clinics and surgeries they may come in contact with healthcare associated infections.

These infections are always a potential risk for patients and clients but many of them are preventable.

How to minimise the risks of healthcare associated infections:

  • ensure good levels of hand hygiene within facilities
  • ensure high levels of environmental hygiene and cleanliness
  • educate healthcare workers, patients and the public
  • ensure careful and appropriate use of antibiotics
  • use basic infection control practices such as standard precautions for the care of all patients
  • use transmission-based precautions for patients with certain conditions transmitted by contact, droplet or airborne routes
  • provide clinical leadership and organisational support for infection prevention in healthcare facilities
  • provide robust governance or reporting structures within organisations to manage infection risks
  • undertake surveillance to help understand rates and patterns of healthcare associated infections.

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New online healthcare worker education resources are now available.

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