Healthy Family Cooking

Healthy Family Cooking

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Make small changes to your recipes to reduce the amount of sugar and salt. Use healthy fats in your cooking. Add more wholegrains, vegetables and fruit to your meals and snacks.

Reducing added sugars and salt

  • do not add sugar or salt to babies foods
  • when baking use less sugar, try reducing sugar to a quarter of a cup per cup of flour
  • choose canned foods with less sugar, choose canned fruit in natural juice
  • choose no added salt or salt reduced sauces and canned vegetables, add herbs and spices for flavor
  • keep lollies and sweets for special occasions, these are foods to enjoy sometimes.

Use healthier fats

  • choose olive, canola and nut oils and spreads, use in small amounts in cooking and as spreads
  • try avocado as a baby food, in sandwiches and as a dip
  • include fish fresh or canned, choose fish canned in spring water
  • use nuts and nut pastes such as almonds, peanut and cashew, choose nut pastes for under threes
  • use yoghurt and ricotta instead of cream, you can choose reduced fat types for children over two years of age.

For more information about Fats and Oils

Add wholegrains, vegetables and fruit

  • choose mostly wholegrain breads, rice and cereals
  • add more vegetables to meals and snacks, no need to peel vegetables like carrots and potatoes
  • add fresh or canned fruit for natural sweetness in cooking
  • add legumes and lentils like kidney beans, chickpeas and white beans to baby's purees or mash and to family meals like curries and casseroles
  • when baking swap white flour for wholemeal, add fruit and vegetables.

Want to know more

Ask your GP or child health nurse.

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