Temporary Changes To The Maternity Service In Response To Coronavirus (COVID 19) - RHH

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Temporary Changes To The Maternity Service In Response To Coronavirus (COVID 19) - RHH

Changes that have been made in response to the coronavirus (COVID 19)

We will be supporting SOCIAL DISTANCING to protect women and staff whilst maintaining appropriate, safe and timely care.  The physical environment has been considered including waiting areas and the timing of clinics has been altered to support SOCIAL DISTANCING.

All booking in appointments with a midwife will be done over the phone (exception for when interpreter required).  If additional obstetric medical input is required it will also be done over the phone.  All women will be mailed a booking in pack after the initial telephone booking after confirming postal address and agreement to include documents with personal information.  The pack will also include the Maternity Information Package and any additional pathology forms.

All existing maternity services will continue however there may be changes to the format or scheduling of the model. Community based clinics will continue as per normal.

Telephone consults will be used when appropriate to minimise face to face appointment.

The direct face to face time will be a maximum of 15 mins however administration time will be required therefore some women may be required to sit in the waiting area for a short period.

No additional people are to attend face to face appointments unless required for interpreting or as a support.

If at any point an antenatal appointment needs to be rescheduled due to self-isolation or meets the criteria for suspected COVID 19 women are asked to ring the Women’s Health Clinic on mobile 0427085655 Mon-Fri 0830-1700and speak to the Clinical Midwifery Consultant.

Clinical areas have been allocated in the WHC and the Maternity Unit dedicated to caring for women that are self-isolating or meet criteria for suspected COVID 19.

All group appointments (classes and tours) have been postponed. Education for women and their support person will be moving to an online platform and will developed further as time permits.

For any pregnancy related concern all women are to continue to contact the Maternity Unit directly on 61668352.

If women are asked to come to the Maternity Unit for a pregnancy concern, support people will be asked to wait outside the assessment area.

If admitted to the unit in labour or with a pregnancy related concern to support social distancing a maximum of 1 support person limit to each bedside will occur.   This includes the birthing rooms.

Early discharge will be supported when clinically appropriate.

Women will continue to be seen postnatally in their homes through the Extended Midwifery Service (EMS) and the usual clinical criteria for this visit still applies.

The home visit will be a combination of telephone and face to face, acknowledging the15 minute maximum face to face moment.

Midwifery Group Practice will be also be conducting their postnatal home visits in this way.