Caring for and Cleaning your Denture

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Did you Know?

A healthy mouth leads to better fitting and longer lasting dentures.

Denture handling

Hold your dentures correctly so you don't break them or drop them during cleaning.

Always hold your dentures gently and without pressure.

Hold your lower and upper denture in the centre to clean, this is the dentures strongest point, do not hold the denture at the back as you may apply extra pressure or loose your grip whilst cleaning.

Why is it important to clean my denture twice a day?

To prevent build-up of food, plaque, tartar and stains.

If you don't' this may lead to;

  • problems with the appearance of your denture
  • mouth odour
  • irritation to the gums and tissues under the denture
  • mouth infection

Cleaning Your Dentures

  • Brush your denture twice daily with a soft toothbrush or denture brush and a regular (non-abrasive) toothpaste or mild soap.
  • Make sure that you clean all areas of your denture.
  • After brushing, rinse your denture thoroughly in cold or warm water.
  • Avoid breakage, clean your denture over a towel or sink filled with water.
  • Remember, denture wearers still need to clean any remaining teeth, tongue and gums with a separate soft toothbrush.

Special tips for partial dentures

  • After eating, rinse your mouth and denture.
  • Take care not to bend clasps.
  • Don't adjust the clasps yourself.  Any adjustment must be made by your dental professional.

What should I do at bedtime?

Place your denture in a glass or container of water overnight unless advised otherwise by your clinician.  This allows your gums to "breathe" and reduces the chance of infection and inflammation.

What if my denture needs repair?

Do not try to repair your denture yourself.

The use of adhesives can also make it impossible for the repair to be done professionally.

Repairs must be made by your dental professional.

What if my gums are sore?

it's not uncommon to develop sore spots under your denture, especially when the denture is new.

If you have sore spots under your denture or any pain, phone the dental clinic for an appointment.

To contact your nearest dental clinic please phone 1300 011 013

Tips for a healthy mouth

  • Clean your denture daily with a soft brush and soap.
  • Brush any remaining natural teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, spit out and don't rinse.
  • Remove dentures and soak overnight.
  • Drink plenty of tap water and eat healthy snacks and meals everyday.
  • Limit sugary drinks and food.
  • Seek advice if you notice any changes or sore spot in your mouth.

if you are a smoker think about quitting, call Quitline on 137 848 or visit the Quitline website

Smokers are more at risk of developing gum disease (also called periodontal disease) and mouth and lip cancer.