Checkout the new Appetite for Life!

Appetite for Life is a resource for staff and volunteers who support people over the age of 65 years who live independently in the community. The easy to read fact sheets provide credible, practical information on a range of common issues for older people. The fact sheets are divided into seven sections within the Appetite for Life:

  • Eating well
  • Practical food ideas
  • Nourishing food ideas
  • Gastrointestinal upsets
  • Diabetes and heart disease
  • Other issues
  • Physical activity

The Appetite for Life manual was first developed in 1999. Since then, the manual has been updated regularly with new and best practice advice. The latest update of Appetite for Life in 2020 involved a complete transition from a paper-based manual to an online resource. The new version was written with support and feedback from users, including Commonwealth Home Support Programme service providers, community nurses and other health professionals.

The updated Appetite for Life resources are now live on the Healthy Ageing website. Have a look at the links below to start exploring some of the available fact sheets: