The Tasmanian Home and Community Care (HACC) Program - Client Fees

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People less than 65 years of age (or less than 50 years of age if Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander)

Fees in the Tasmanian Home and Community Care (HACC) Program

Fees are payable for many services provided through the Tasmanian HACC Program. Service provider organisations will provide advice whether fees are payable for a particular service; how much the fees are; methods of payment of fees; and the provisions that apply if a client has difficulty in paying fees.

Fees are retained by the service provider and reinvested in additional service delivery.

Fees are not charged for:

  • assessment or reassessment of a client's care needs
  • advocacy
  • counselling, information and education
  • allied health services

Scale of Fees

This scale applies to the following services types:

Domestic Assistance

Personal Care

Social Support

Home Maintenance


Community Nursing

Services provided to workers compensation clients will be charged at full cost as advised by the relevant service provider.

 One Visit Per WeekTwo or More Visits Per Week (capped)
Workers Compensation ClientsFull CostFull Cost

The Fee Cap

Regardless of how many services a person receives, or how many service providers are involved, fees for the above service types are capped at $10.00 per week for pensioners and $30.00 per week for non-pensioners.

Fees for meals, centre day care, and community transport are not subject to capping arrangements.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Service providers are required to ensure that client rights are protected and promoted. Your Service Provider should give you a copy of the brochure - Tasmanian HACC Program Rights and Responsibilities.

Fees for Meals, Transport and Centre Day Care

These services are considered to be normal living expenses. Fees are payable for all occasions of service for these activities and would generally bot be waived (see advice on waivers) by the service provider. Each service provider sets their own fee schedule for these service types.

Waivers or Fee Reductions

You may not have to pay HACC fees if you spend a significant amount of your income on health related goods and services. Your service provider will explain this to you at the initial assessment. Your service provider will be able to provide you with a Fee Waiver Application form, and can provide you with assistance to complete the form.

You can request a review of your fees or apply for a waiver at any time.


It is your right as a client to have an advocate support you at any interviews or interaction with your service provider. An advocate can be a family member, a friend, or an independent advocate from Advocacy Tasmania.

Advocacy Tasmania offers a free service. They can be contacted as follows:

South:6224 3340
North:6331 0740
North West:6441 0201
Freecall (all regions):1800 005 131

Reviews of Decisions about Fees: Full Waivers or Partial Waivers of Fees

If you have concerns about fee or fee waiver decisions made by your service provider, the following process should be followed:

  • You (or your advocate) should contact the Services Manager of the organisation that provides you with services.
  • The organisation (service provider) will provide details of an independent advocacy service if required.
  • The Service Manager will review the processes that were followed and check that fees are being charged correctly - or not.
  • The Service Manager will consider reducing or waiving your fees while the review is underway.
  • You should receive a written response within 28 days of contacting the organisation concerned.This response should include information about the decision and advice on any further steps to be taken.

If the review process is not satisfactory, the matter may be referred to the Community Care Reform team in the Department of Health and Human Services. You can contact the Department on 1300 135 513.

Alternatively, you can contact the Health Complaints Commissioner.

Office of the Health Complaints Commissioner

Ground Floor, Bathurst Street, Hobart,  TAS.  7000

GPO Box 960, Hobart, TAS. 7001

Freecall Tasmania1800 001 170
Local Call Australia:1300 766 725
Fax:(03) 6233 8966

You will not be disadvantaged or penalised as a result of seeking a review of fees.

Payment Options for HACC Fees

Due to differences in organisation size and structure, the payment options available may differ from one organisation to another. Your service provider will provide you with information on how to pay your account.

  • As a general rule, a client may make payment of fees to their support worker - however if this does occur the client should insist on receiving a receipt.
  • All service providers can accept payment by cash or cheque - however making payments through the mail is not recommended.
  • Many service providers accept payment by direct debit.
  • Many service providers accept payment by credit card.