Pharmaceutical Reform

Pharmaceutical Reform

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A new level of medication care and safety

Tasmania is committed to improving medication care and support for patients of public hospitals. Pharmaceutical Reform will employ more pharmacists to assist doctors, nurses and their patients, and provide access to the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme for discharge patients and those visiting as outpatients.

The benefit of Pharmaceutical Reform also spreads beyond the immediate hospital setting and involves a new level of communication with patient community care providers such as general practitioners and community pharmacists.

Hospitals involved in Pharmaceutical Reform in Tasmania are:

  • Launceston General Hospital
  • Mersey Community Hospital
  • North-West Regional Hospital
  • Royal Hobart Hospital

How will Pharmaceutical Reform help patients?

  • Healthcare staff will have a greater understanding of the patient's medication history and current and future medication needs.
  • Patients will receive a more appropriate supply of medicines when they are leaving hospital. 
  • This improvement in services will help patients to manage their medicines more safely.