Launceston General Hospital Precinct Masterplan

Aerial view of the LGH Precinct. Areas highlighted are the new Mental Health Services Precinct, the Charles street Tower, the new Car Park, new Hospital Entry on Howick street, new Older Persons Inpatient Unit, new Hospital Tower, Carpark, Northern Integrated Care Service Education & Research Precinct including Clifford Craig and UTAS, Expanded Coronary Care Unit, Viewpoint Private Hospital Collocation site, Upgraded Emergency Department Entry, Administration and Learning Hub.

Fig. 1 LGH precinct, key Masterplan developments

The Tasmanian Government has committed to the next stages of the Launceston General Hospital (LGH) redevelopment with a major investment of $580 million over 10 years to improve the amenity of facilities and to increase capacity to meet future service demand.

A Masterplan has been developed to guide the staged redevelopment of the LGH precinct.

In developing the Masterplan, we have considered current and future demand pressures, service growth projections, asset condition reports and what we have heard from the community, staff, and other service providers.

Consultation Process

The draft LGH Precinct Masterplan which outlined the proposed developments and staging, was subject to an extensive consultation process over a period of 6 weeks. Key consultation activities included an information booth in the LGH Cafeteria, facilitated focus groups, direct meetings with stakeholder organisations, and the opportunity to submit written feedback online.

The feedback received during consultation has been reviewed and it generally showed strong support for the proposed Masterplan developments and the staging of these developments. Staff asked a number of questions about the Masterplan and a Q&A sheet has been prepared to respond to these questions and is available to view below.

Some updates have been made to the Masterplan to respond to feedback, including

  • to acknowledge that the co-located private hospital will have an impact on infrastructure requirements and staging of the Masterplan
  • the temporary use of Ward 3D as a medical ward to support the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to increase elective surgery, ahead of its planned use as a new Older Persons’ Inpatient Unit
  • to clarify the priority, impact and staging of the Masterplan developments works.

Next Steps

With the finalisation of the Masterplan, the next critical step to determine how and when the developments will be staged will begin. The feedback provided by stakeholders during the consultation will be a critical input into the staging plan.

The Project Team will continue to provide ongoing communication about implementation of the LGH precinct Masterplan. This website will be updated regularly to provide information on how you can get involved in consultation during the detailed planning for each of the specific developments.

For further information or if you have any questions relating to the Masterplan please email us at