Standards and Performance Pathways

The Standards and Performance Pathways (SPP) online system is designed for the completion of self-assessments and compliance activities related to service and quality standards.  It has been specifically designed for community sector organisations (CSOs) in Australia, and its content covers the main sets of quality standards for CSOs that provide health and community services.

SPP provides:

  • online assessments against the criteria for all components of relevant Australian community services standards;
  • immediate results following assessment - identifies what NGOs need to do;
  • guided activities, tools and resources - building skills internally;
  • an electronic work plan linking actions to guided activities and tools;
  • electronic 'evidence pack' - upload and compliance levels at a glance; and
  • deals with multiple standards - cross references and completes other relevant standards set.

DHHS has partnered with TASCOSS to develop an SPP portal that assists CSOs to manage and report on the continuous improvement activities and build organisational capabilities and capacity.

For more information about SPP, please visit the TASCOSS website.